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All change: responding to COVID-19

“we are now facing the most profound changes to our daily lives in peacetime” (BBC news, March 2020)

The long reach of the pandemic

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is radically disruptive. We’re dealing with an international health emergency while simultaneously working to stave off an unfolding economic crisis, so the demands that are being made of us are difficult to overstate.

News reports are struggling to find forms of language that can do justice to the scale and depth of what we’re experiencing – unprecedented and profound changes; a rapid unravelling of all our ways of organising that previously held ‘normal’ place. The long reach of the pandemic can already be felt in almost every aspect of our personal and professional relationships.

Immersed as we are in the necessary process of dismantling and rebuilding our daily lives, we still need space to reflect, focus on ourselves and make sure we’re able to remain resilient, effective and responsive in whatever work we’re called upon to do. It’s essential that we look after ourselves well and reach out to one another to give and ask for support, cooperation and companionship.

I’m currently offering 1:1 sessions via Skype and will be developing the range of services I offer online. Get in touch if you’d like to schedule some time together to talk and take stock of whatever’s going on for you.

“Adventures in Leadership Learning”

This is turning out to be a far more adventurous adventure than the one I had in mind when I began using this way of describing my work.

Moving forward I’ll be focusing on the importance of carving out a bit of space each day to reflect and learn more deeply from the extraordinary times that we’re experiencing. I’ll be posting some ideas and activities as well as sharing my own reflections along the way.

#ALLreflecting: an invitation to connect and learn our way through these uncharted territories together.