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Adventures in leadership learning

Being a leader is personally and professionally demanding. Leadership, like any decent adventure, may be brimful of excitement and reward one minute and beset with difficulties the next.

I specialise in leadership learning and development, working closely with my clients to navigate the uncertainty of the road ahead with a renewed sense of insight, effectiveness and resilience.

I have a client-focused, collaborative, in-depth approach that focuses on the personal and interpersonal demands of leading and working with change:

Leading yourself: focusing on you; making the time and space to reflect; developing different ways of understanding and responding to leadership challenges

Leading others: focusing on relationships; exploring teams, diversity, conflict, communication and power dynamics

Leading innovation: focusing on enabling learning and change; fostering critical, generative thinking; designing for participation, engagement and collaboration

Work with me to shed new light on familiar issues and make the most of all that there is to learn from everyday experience, in particular the complex business of working with other humans. I bring the benefit of an outside perspective, a stack of learning resources and expertise in supporting meaningful change in practice – whether that’s working 1:1, leading workshops or facilitating peer learning groups.

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change” (Carl Rogers)

I work with individuals, independent professionals, business owners, managers and leaders at all organisational levels. My approach is grounded in industry experience and significant postgraduate formal learning. You can find out more about me and my own continuing professional development here.

Get in touch to arrange an informal chat about what you’d like to achieve for yourself, your team and your organisation.