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Welcome aboard

Being a leader is personally and professionally demanding. Leadership, like any decent adventure, may be brimful of excitement and reward one minute and beset with difficulties the next. By making time for learning and reflection we can develop our capacity to meet, understand and respond to the challenges of leadership with greater awareness, insight and choice.

Adventures in leadership learning

I work with individuals and groups to explore leadership from the inside out, taking a deep dive into the lived experience of being a leader to open up new perspectives on familiar issues and concerns.

Work with me to:

  • bolster your resilience
  • deepen the insights you gain through your experience
  • extend the range of methods you use to collaborate and learn with others.
A chalkboard image showing the process of getting in touch and agreeing next steps

The first step is to have a conversation, so get in touch if you’d like to schedule some time together. I operate a sliding scale for fees, based on mutual affordability.

I have a client-focused, collaborative, in-depth approach grounded in industry experience and a range of theoretical perspectives drawn from significant postgraduate formal learning. I have a particular interest in the complex business of working with other humans and how to build the diverse relationships that enable organisational learning and innovation.

I encourage clients to engage critically and constructively with what and how they learn – both from theory and through navigating the messy, politically-charged, emotionally-taxing, knotty realities of organisational life.

You can find out more about me and my own continuing professional development here.

COVID-19 update

In response to the coronavirus pandemic I’m currently offering 1:1 sessions via Skype and will be extending the services I offer online, in the expectation that social distancing will continue to feature in our working lives for some time.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can work together to support your learning and development through these difficult and uncertain times.