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I specialise in professional development, working with individuals, groups and organisations to enable change and increased effectiveness.

I lead learning in areas such as:

  • effective leadership
  • self-awareness, emotional literacy and resilience
  • managing relationships and communication
  • critical thinking and reflective practice
  • fostering participation, collaboration and innovation
  • enabling and developing others.

I work with independent professionals, business owners, managers and leaders at all organisational levels. My distinctive, collaborative approach stresses the importance of learning in successfully navigating the complex challenges faced by contemporary businesses and organisations.

I bring the benefit of an outside perspective along with a range of learning resources that we can draw upon to explore new understandings and options for action, focusing on the issues, opportunities and priorities that are important to you. We’ll look for ways to shed new light and make an impact in practice while also building capacity for ongoing learning and development in the longer term.

Get in touch to arrange an informal chat. My aim is to understand what you want to achieve and find a flexible, affordable, effective way of partnering with you to support learning and change.

New for 2019: ‘Food for Thought’ workshops

Bring a new perspective to your day with a breakfast or lunchtime learning workshop.

Pick a theme to explore – sessions available ad-hoc, or as part of a programme of learning to support ongoing professional development in your workplace (great as a value-add for partner/client events too).

Contact me to find out more or to book a taster session.