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Welcome aboard

Adventures in leadership learning

I work with individuals and groups to explore leadership from the inside out, taking a deep dive into the personal and professional demands of being a leader (or follower).

Work with me to:

  • create space to hone your skills as a responsive, critically-engaged, self-reflective learner
  • revisit leadership experience from different vantage points to generate new insights and options for action
  • develop the methods you use to reflect, learn and collaborate with others.

Get in touch for an informal chat about how we can work together.

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I bring a particular focus to the complex business of working with other humans, exploring the diverse knowledge and skills that each of us brings to bear in navigating the messy, politically-charged, emotionally-taxing, knotty realities of organisational life.

Rather than setting out a blueprint for best practice, I work to support you in moving forward with greater awareness, insight and choice in how you develop your own unique approach to leadership.

I will encourage you to draw on theory and lived experience to reflect on how you lead, how you learn and how you can create the conditions in which collective learning and innovation can thrive.

You can find out more about me and the interdisciplinary learning that underpins my approach here.

COVID-19 update

In response to the coronavirus pandemic I’m currently offering 1:1 sessions via Skype and will be extending the services I offer online, in the expectation that social distancing will continue to feature in our working lives for some time.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can work together to support your learning and development through these difficult and uncertain times.